Our television interpreters for your event

Every day, highly qualified interpreters allow us to participate in world affairs, as if each place were close enough to grab.
However, interpreters are not only appointed for world affairs. Interpreting also takes place at talk shows, sporting events, and entertainment programmes with international guests.

What qualities must television interpreters have?

For this, slightly different skills are sought for in comparison to conference interpreting, as ultimately it is not only about the information content. The audience always wants to experience as much of the guest’s personality as possible – for example if a politician is known to “hit the ceiling” or if an actor is invited who is commonly known as a ‘bad guy’.

In such cases the interpreter will try to re-enact the personality of the guest as much possible and will even act a little, in order to sustain the character and expressions of the guest, especially the individual’s humour or other impressionable characteristics.

For maximum authenticity, entertainment programmes (such as studio talks with celebrities) are generally interpreted by same-sex interpreters. However, this does not apply for classical coverage (such as the induction of a new American president, the Pope’s visit to the Middle East, tribute programmes for the death of a Pop-Icon).

The interpreting for film, radio and television belongs to the areas of interpreting in which Norbert Zänker & Kollegen specialise in and in which our team has had years of successful experience.