About us and contact persons

At Norbert Zänker & Kollegen, a team of qualified interpreters and translators ensures that your request is processed efficiently and accurately.

Your contact persons, Nadine Freund, Katrin Soßna, Andrea Schliep, Tilman Zänker, Gihad Sabbagh, Katharina Kirifidis, Katrin Bosch-Mauersberger and Annika Rosato Lüke ensure that your order is processed quickly. They are supported by Emily Cliffe, Maren Colina Sáenz, Rebecca Feger, Levin Freudenfeld, Hannes Frank, Zachary Gladman, Lily Guenault, Kelly Preston, Christoph Straka, Nicolae Tatarco und Simone Ustali.

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Conference interpreting…

– Claudia Garbrecht, graduate translator
– Lisa Rauschnick, B.A. in Language, Culture, Translation

are your contact persons for everything that goes on around your conferences.

For larger events we always name a Chef d’Équipe as your contact person on site. In general, he is accompanied by an assistant who actively supports him. We have more than fifty proven freelance conference interpreters behind us, with whom we cover hundreds of days of assignment each year. In addition to the interpreters we regularly add to our team, we know another two to three hundred qualified conference interpreters in Germany and the surrounding Europe who we can call in for your event if required. In the (currently) 24 EU languages, Latvian or Slovenian are already some very small languages which we can competently staff, although they are rather rare at congresses.

Although major non-European languages such as Chinese, Japanese, Korean or Vietnamese are not widely represented in Germany, we can still rely on skilled and experienced interpreters. We work with short reaction times and quick decisions. However, extremely short lead times lead to additional costs. If we (and you) cooperate in good time, we can avoid these.

Norbert Zänker, our senior, has worked as a court and conference interpreter (German ↔ English) for more than 40 years. He has taught at the Akademie für Fremdsprachen, the FU Berlin, the HU Berlin and the TU Berlin. He was Chief Interpreter at the United States Court for Berlin and Labour Relations Interpreter for various airlines. Today he works mainly as a conference, television, court and notary interpreter. He has passed on his knowledge in more than a hundred seminars at advanced training events organised by the BDÜ (the professional association of interpreters and translators in Germany) and at universities.