Interpreters in Berlin and in Germany

Our conference interpreters and simultaneous interpreters in Berlin contribute to the success of your congresses, negotiations, events, seminars, meetings, conventions and international conferences, in Berlin or Germany.

Successfull communication

Allow us to make your hearings, meetings or international conferences a great success. Our conference-interpreter team is at your side with energy and competence.

If a group of people, who spoke different languages and came from different cultures, were to come together to work on a collaborative project, then an interpreter would surely play the main role.

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Many factors contribute to the success or failure of an event:
good orators, thorough and thematic preparations, a suitable place, a realistic framework…

However, how successful can such a perfectly organised meeting be if the communication doesn’t work?
Norbert Zänker & Kollegen will ensure that the participants will definitely understand each other!

Within our conference interpreting team there are many studious colleagues, among qualified career changers that stem from specialised fields of work, that have successfully acquired their position as interpreter. All our colleagues hold extensive interpreting-booth experience.

Interpreting and interpreting techniques

There are different interpreting techniques. Whether conference interpreters, whisper interpreters, simultaneous interpreters or consecutive interpreters; which of these offer themselves in special cases and how many interpreters ought to be employed, in order to warrant efficient communication, depends on a number of different things: Type and duration of event, number of languages as well as the number of orators and auditors per language.

The following pages contain introductions to individual interpreting techniques and their respected ranges of service.

Do you have any questions?

Give us a call or send us an email – we’re always happy to answer your questions.

We promise to find an individual solution for you, and will provide either an individual interpreter or a whole team. We will cater for your needs, so that the interpretation will be perfectly suited to your specific case.

Our direct line in Berlin for interpreting inquiries is 884 30 270.