Rates for translations and proofreading

In accordance with the only legal definition of the invoicing of translation services (§ 11 JVEG), we generally charge translations by the line of 55 characters in the target language.

Postage, copying costs, typing or certification fees are not charged for the production of one copy.

Prices, rates for translations

Our line rates are approx. € 1.50 to € 3.50, plus VAT. In exceptional cases, they can also be higher. The price (the line rate) depends on factors such as language pair, business area, difficulty, comprehensibility, urgency, readability of the text, technical complexity (DTP, CAT programs, TM use).

For extensive texts (more than 20 pages), difficult technical texts, literature, catalogues, publications, advertising and non-European languages, the price will be calculated upon presentation of the documents.

Certified Translations
Documents that leave our company as certified translations and must always be translated in full have line prices that range from € 1.75 to € 2.80, plus VAT.

Editing and layout

Our hourly rates range from € 60 (for DTP work) and proofreading, or up to
€ 125 for interpreting at a wedding and for translation at the client’s premises or for notarial interpreting, depending on the order and the required qualifications.

We can also take over the proofreading of existing texts as well as layout work and editorial tasks. If you would like to know more about the rates for translations and proofreading, please contact us!