Our court interpreters are also available for you in other cases : depositions & public service interpreting.


In American civil proceedings, the court can order that witnesses be heard by the parties or their lawyers even before the main hearing.

Such “depositions” also take place in Germany, especially in large commercial proceedings or class actions.

Usually, the lawyers and their assistants travel from the USA for this purpose. Together with the German legal advisors and the in-house lawyers, this makes a good dozen lawyers at such an appointment.
In addition, there is usually the stenographer called “court reporter” and the cameraman called “video operator” – after all, the U.S. court wants to know afterwards what happened there.

Depending on the scope of the proceedings, we provide one or two experienced interpreters at a daily rate of € 700 to € 1300 plus VAT. As far as we leave Berlin, which is usually the case, travel expenses will be incurred, which we will be happy to quantify in the specific case.

Deposition & public service interpreting, sworn interpreters, deposit, interpreting at authorities

Public service interpreting

If foreign parties need an interpreter, either for reasons of legal certainty or simply “so that they can understand what is happening”, our sworn interpreters will act when

– the Korean debtor submits his “affidavit” to the local court,

– the Italian bridegroom does what in the good old days was called “ordering a banquet”,

– the Ghanaian father recognizes paternity at the youth welfare office,

– the Belgian driver’s license aspirant wants to drive a car in this country even without knowledge of German,

– the Lebanese restaurateur is informed of the minced meat regulation,

– the Syrian asylum seeker prefers to go to the Federal Office with an interpreter of his choice rather than – as the law says – an “other language mediator”,

– the field service of the health department closes the umpteenth Spanish tapas bar,

– the Turkish importer has to answer questions about well falsified branded clothes.