Liaison interpreting…

…is a form of interpreting that is employed especially for meetings in small circles such as trials and discussions of all kinds.

The liaison interpreter transfers the dialogue by sentence or short sections (for example by question and answer) to and fro in both directions.
It depends on the type and duration of a process, whether an individual interpreter or an interpreting team from Norbert Zänker & Kollegen will be appointed.

Liaison interpreting, accompanying interpreting, community interpreting, telephone interpreting
Liaison Interpreting

Accompanying interpreting

This variant of liaison interpreting is applied during business trips, court visits, as well as round tours, guides and viewings.

Community interpreting

This characteristic of court interpreting is used at public authorities or in hospitals.

Here persons are involved that not only speak different languages and belong to different cultures, but also differentiate themselves due to their social position and their linguistic expression (the Soziolekt).

Community Interpreting acts as a bridge between very different conversationalists (doctor and patient, psychologist and experimenter, boss and worker) and caters for a barrier free understanding.

Telephone interpreting

In addition to the interpreting forms that we traditionally work with we also offer telephone interpreting. The interpreters can be called in without much previous notice.

Telephone interpreter has a huge advantage: you book an interpreter with us, announce a conference meeting and can then consult your supplier in Singapore or your buyer in Oslo without having to travel.

Our interpreters are regularly employed at financial (statement) press conferences. They interpret in English at big banks who present their quarterly results to their investors or analysts on Wall Street or other such places.