Language combinations

According to demand, we are also of course, able to offer booths required for rarer languages, then partly also employing leading booths (relay).
If the case should arise that your required language is not catered for in Berlin, we will employ colleagues from other federal states or abroad. In such cases, arrival and departure date, travel costs, accommodation and daily allowances will lead to additional costs. Please speak to us to find out what solution would be the best for you.

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The main languages that we offer interpretations for include: German, English, French, Spanish, Italian, Polish and Russian. We will however also cater for Turkish, Arabic, Japanese, Chinese and other languages if you so require it.

Our colleagues are experienced interpreters that uphold a strong grasp of languages and in addition also cover numerous fields of work.
At Norbert Zänker & Kollegen you will be sure to find reliable and qualified conference interpreters for the required language in combination with German, or indeed interpreters that are able to transverse between different languages (e.g. directly from English into Spanish).


As a general rule, conference interpreting is charged according to day or half-day usage. The honorary is rated according to type and duration of event, subject matter and required language combination. Thus no set rates can be made. Nonetheless, in order to offer you a rough idea, page 17 and onwards hold a few concrete examples of interpreting processes.

Our conference interpreters will also happily come to Munich, Milan, Madrid, Moscow- in other words: they will travel to wherever you might need them.
When we need to travel outside of Berlin we keep the costs as low as possible. We travel second class, and if the situation allows it we take advantage of special offers such as travel cards and group discounts.

Norbert Zänker & Kollegen will happily discuss any queries you may have, and will provide you with a concrete offer in the shortest time possible. We can only provide you with a suitable solution with your help. So please excuse us if we should need to ask you a series of questions.

Conference-accompanying services

Beyond interpreting we also offer numerous other services in the areas of international meetings and conventions which are frequently in demand. We deal with conference translations, create foreign language protocols and documents or exhibit terminology databases.


One of the fields our interpreters and translators specialise in is the field of terminology. During the preparation of interpreting assignments and larger interpreting projects, we create terminology lists for internal use. Why not allow us to create one for you too?