Consecutive interpreting…

…is above all, suitable for short contributions, introductory speeches, thank you speeches and after-dinner speeches that are only interpreted into one language.

Consecutive interpreter, Consecutive interpreting, interpreters

In this instance, the interpreter does not find himself in a booth, but rather directly next to the orator.

Orator and interpreter speak alternately- either sentence after sentence or in short sections. If the interpreter receives the speech in advance and in its final version then it is possible that longer sections will be translated. To the audience’s advantage it is certainly sensible not to speak for longer than 5 minutes at a time, as no one wants to push the patience of those whose language is currently not being spoken.

Whether an individual interpreter or an interpreting team is applied for such consecutive interpreting depends on the type and duration of the process.

Norbert Zänker & Kollegen will find a suitable solution for you.

During your planning, please do take into account that consecutive processes demand a lot more time, as orator and interpreter do speak after each other.