Court interpreting

We offer competent court interpreting for:
• criminal legislation
• corporate law
• property law
• labour legislation
• family legislation
• administrative law

just to name a few legislation areas.

Of course we also offer other judicial or extra-judicial should such a linguistic service be required.

For the translating of documents and certificates, you will surely find a reliable partner at Norbert Zänker & Kollegen.

Justice & home affairs

We work for all kinds of local courts, regional courts and higher regional courts in civil and criminal matters. We also translate for specialist courts, especially labour and administrative courts, but hardly for social or financial courts, where little is involved.

Of course, we also translate for various public prosecutor’s offices up to the Federal Public Prosecutor General, but also for their suppliers, i.e. the Federal Criminal Police Office, state criminal investigation offices and normal departments of the protection and criminal police.

We have also worked for the Federal Ministry of Justice, the Federal Office of Justice and various other authorities in the justice sector.

Secret services don’t tend to hire us, they have their own in-house translators “just to be on the safe side”.

At the relevant ministries and higher authorities we occasionally meet with delegations from all over the world who are interested in topics such as border security, Schengen, immigration policy, human smuggling or federal police work.

Interpreting in criminal proceedings

The interpreters from Norbert Zänker & Kollegen interpret in all types of criminal proceedings and the associated appointments, such as

– the summary proceedings before the “fast-track judge”, before which the 20-year-old English tourist admits to having put on two sweaters on top of each other at H&M
– the ‘promulgator’, where a Portuguese lorry driver who has run aground at customs is served with an arrest warrant issued by the Schweinfurt Local Court
– the trial with the Polish joint plaintiff who was the victim of a sexual offence
– the hearing of the Chamber of Corrections, which is considering the future of the American double murderer,

i.e. quite normal things, from the OWi (a bar crime) and the sneaking of services (at Deutsche Bahn) to theft (at Karstadt) and bodily injury (at the football stadium) to the most serious terrorist trials (La Belle, Weinrich, Schwippers).

The costs will be charged according to the JVEG if commissioned by the court or public prosecutor’s office, or according to daily and half-day rates if otherwise commissioned.

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