Conference interpreters at national and internatiolal events

Conference interpreters duly exert their skills to cater for communication and understanding. Due to their ability, interpreters are able to ensure that participants of international gatherings are able to communicate with each other, without running the risk that language could become an impediment.

The conference interpreters of Norbert Zaenker & Kollegen are able to control different kinds of interpreting techniques: simultaneous interpreting, whispering as a special form of simultaneous interpreting, furthermore indicating that nowadays consecutive interpreters are employed less frequently and of course also liaison interpreting.

Who is using the services of interpreters?

Numerous clients such as local, national and international organisations, institutions and public authorities, non-government organisations (NGOs) and unions, entrepreneurs, academic institutions and research centres, politicians and journalists depend heavily on conference interpreters, in order to guarantee success amongst their partners.

Which situations call for interpreting?

The situations are varied. Interpreters are always employed when important contacts work together, namely when they speak different languages.
Interpretations take place for example:

• at proceedings, negotiations, and contract agreements
• at conventions, symposium, conferences and congresses
• for telephone and video conferences
• at exhibitions and trade fairs, at presentations and inspections
• at courses, workshops and seminars
• at interviews, radio and television programmes
• at public authorities, at court and at notaries

Be it for a meeting concerning a high political level or regarding a business meeting that must be kept under four eyes, then we can assure you our interpreters always ensure confidentiality.