Conference technology and interpreting systems

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In order to cater for not just a linguistic but also an acoustic immaculate understanding, a simultaneous booth or a mobile interpreting device can be employed, according to the type and place of the event.

We will gladly bring our own mobile interpreting device for smaller conventions with a maximum of 20 participants and only one pair of interpreters.
For the first day, we charge 120€ for our device which includes 10 headphones, and 60€ for each following day, plus VAT. If requested, we will also happily send you a price list with the exact conditions.

Interpreting booths are required for bigger conventions and/or more than one pair of interpreters. One booth caters for two interpreters. For example, if at your planned convention the languages English, German, French are spoken then you will need two booths.

Please be aware, especially during your planning, that the interpreters must have a clear view of the convention, especially in regards to the orator, Power-Point presentations and any potential videos.

Over a period of many years, Norbert Zänker & Kollegen have been in contact with renowned conference-technology suppliers, who work with speed, reliability and are customer-orientated. We will gladly pass your query on.

A combined application of qualified conference interpreters and adequate technology will ensure that your conference will be a great success.