As the areas in which our conference interpreters are employed are very diverse, the following sections contain a selection of examples of assignments:

Subject Congresses
Academics from all over the world come together at Potsdam for a two-day subject congress, which ends with a festive dinner.
On both congress days, between the hours of 9 am and 12 pm the individual orators present their work respectively. In the afternoon, between 2 and 4 pm four parallel workshops take place in small groups. Subsequently, the results are announced in hourly plenum.
The spoken languages are English and German. In the morning, a team of two conference interpreters caters for the simultaneous interpreting; in the afternoon a total of eight interpreters are employed. The evening speeches are undertaken by one interpreter alone. The fee amounts to around 9.400€ plus VAT.

Annual General Meetings
Your business holds an annual meeting in a Berliner conference hotel. The conference last between 9am and 4pm.
Amongst the comittee of the parent company there is a French speaking orator (who has everything interpreted for him), four English speaking analysts who only listen, a Russian investor, who only gets interpreted when he himself speaks. All other participants speak German.
So you will require:
• two conference interpreters German ↔ French
• two conference interpreters German → English
• one conference interpreter Russian → German
which amounts to a total of around 3.600€ plus VAT.

Press Conferences
You are holding a press conference regarding fuel cells in Berlin. There are 4 orators on the podium and you are expecting 30 journalists. Let us assume the conference runs as following:

• Greetings – 5 minutes
• Initial statement – 10 minutes
• Second statement – 5 minutes
• Question and Answers – 15 minutes
• Ending credits – 5 minutes
• Individual discussions – 10 minutes

This equates to a total of 50 minutes. By including

• the travel time of the interpreters
• the linguistics preparations
• a thorough induction of your topic

this would cost you at Norbert Zänker & Kollegen between 500€ and 1.140€ plus VAT. The 500€ will for instance apply to a pair of German/English interpreter while the 1.140€ for English/Japanese.

In your Berliner studio, you broadcast regular reports about foreign trouble spots for your current TV program, and now you would like them interpreted.

For three 8-hour shifts, you will need to allocate either one interpreter per shift for 900€ plus VAT, or two interpreters for namely the same price. The amount of interpreters depends on whether ‘there’s not much going on’ or if ‘there’s a lot going on.’ ‘Not much going on’ applies to cases where the interpreter is on air for a maxium of 10 minutes.

Corporate Anniversary
What once started in your parent’s garage, has now established itself as a significant company in its branch. For the anniversary you are expecting numerous guests: family members, members of staff, the mayor, the Bundestag member of your circle, your business partners, with whom your correspond in English, and have done so for a long time…

A number of speeches will be held, and the event will become more relaxed with an entertainment program and a delicious menu. All your business partners should be able to understand the speeches. Several will also be granted speaking time. Including travel costs to Bielefeld and accommodation, you will be looking at costs of around 950€ plus VAT.

Your company is introducing a new software. The employees at your Spanish branch should be equally familiar with the new program. For this reason, you let three Spanish employees take part in the training in Brandenburg.
The fee for the interpreter amounts to 3.600€ plus VAT if he works 6 hours a day for one working week. This includes any necessary training for the interpreter.

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Market Research
Your institute for market research has scheduled three day interviews for a dozen test persons. The questions and answers are interpreted for the American spokesperson.

The three long (10am until 6pm) days in Hamburg, which also include regular breaks, will cost you (including all extra costs) around 2.400€ plus VAT.

As part of a large poltical foundation, you are organising an all-day Symposium regarding the security questions of the 21st Century in Berlin. The guest orators come from Russia, Turkey, Great Britain and France.
As broad publicity should be achieved, the event language is German. We look forward to compiling an interpretering team for you, and would charge around 6.000€ plus VAT.